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Red Dust travels to some of Australia's most remote areas where we work in partnership with communities to achieve something we all take for granted – good health.

The two highest fundraisers or individual donations over $1500 will be eligible to attend a Red Dust trip!*  This is an amazing opportunity for people willing to put in the hard work!
Red Dust urgently needs your support to break the cycle of poor health so that this generation of Indigenous youth in remote communities has a healthier future. Without your help, there is only a remote chance we can break the cycle.
  • Go for a walk every morning for a month
  • Give up coffee, alcohol, fizzy drinks or chocolate
  • Take up yoga, zumba, kickboxing or meditation
  • Run a marathon
  • Ride to work or School for a month



*Subject to terms and conditions. $1500 is the minimum amount an eligible candidate for a Red Dust trip can raise. Fundraisers or donors eligible must be over 18 to attend a Red Dust trip.